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Dave Rinaldi

Through the years, I've worked with agencies that have handled all kinds of media for our clients. Rather than provide a laundry list, it would be helpful if you can describe your business and the kinds of customers you wish to target. With more detail, I'd be glad to share some thoughts.


I grew up in direct marketing utilizing targeting mail and inserts. I'm interested to learn how people are using other media to provide timely and and useful communications.

John Stevenson

Hi Dave,

I have been fortunate to use many different mediums for my clients: Internet, Phones, TV Cable, Infomercials, Network, Addressed Direct Mail, POS to name a few. CRM strategies must take all customer touch points into consideration to ensure that consistent messaging and branding comes across to your customers.

Bart Foreman

For both our retail and B-to-B Clients, we use a combination of postal and e-mail communications. ALL our postal mailings uilize variable digital printing and all have multiple versions trying to deliver relevant offers and information based on the client's demographics and sales history. E-mails are similrily versioned.

I would love to do text messaging but we don't have a client (yet) where it makes sense.

For solicitation mailings for new clients, we use postal mailings. I am not a big fan of e-mail because I don't fully trust the opt-in unless there is a very good fit from a known "shared" list and the client. These type of e-mails are a slippery slope and may do more brand damage than they are worth.

John Stevenson

Canada has been at the forefront of targeted messaging across a variety of media. Tim Hortons uses "narrow casting" that delivers a targeted message & offer to specific interactive kiosks within their POS and Drive Thru windows. Thus getting a personalized message to specific touchpoints of customers given the time of day, location and stock of product. The results have been staggering and increase in sales considerable. A little known company out of London, ON. EK3 technologies has quickly grown from UWO Researchers to Narrowcasting powerhouse.

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