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Don’t Leave Your Customers Stuck on the Runway

Jet Blue is still recovering from their fiasco a couple of weeks ago. Meanwhile, they have taken many steps in the right direction toward rebuilding their customer relationships. 

But questions still remain. Can any amount of ‘CRM’ convince those stranded travelers to get back on a Jet Blue flight again?  Did Jet Blue do enough to make amends, or could they have gone further?

Tough questions. But in my opinion, we can all learn a few lessons from Jet Blue:

  • Everyone in an organization needs to be bought into CRM as a central part of a company’s philosophy.
  • Employees need to be reminded that customer service is everyone’s job – and empowered to act. With the right training, a ground crew member or another Jet Blue employee could have helped out in that situation and left Jet Blue looking good in the eyes of its customers, not bad.
  • To rebuild damaged customer relationships, company leaders need to become highly visible quickly and say the right things. How many CEOs would apologize the way David Neeleman did? 
  • Learn from the experience. Unless company leaders pull a problem apart to find out exactly what went wrong, there is no possibility to develop contingency that can prevent it from happening again.

Josef Katz

CRM OpCom 2/14/07 Meeting Notes

Attention OpCom Members
Please review the following notes from our last meeting.  Feel free to notify everyone of a comment or edit via the Comments tab below.  We will make changes as needed.  Thank you.

Dave Rinaldi



The DMA Customer Relationship Management Council

Operating Committee Meeting

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

1:00PM – 2:00PM EST

OpCom Members in attendance:

Bart Foreman

Jeanmarie Gelinas

Josef Katz

Bill Lipman

Greg Osenga

John Stevenson 


OpCom Members not in attendance:

Brian Baker

Dave Rinaldi

Riccardo Zane


DMA Staff in attendance:

Diane Kaminskas

Tatiana Rios


I. Welcome/Opening Remarks

· Everyone was welcomed to the call


II. Programming

              · DM DaysNew York

                    – Bart submitted a proposal and will call the DMA to fill in some of the missing                                                     information

- Jeanmarie, Josef and Bart will be attending

               · DMA07 Event -Chicago

- Presentation Ideas – asking everyone to give thought on a dynamic topic

o Why CRM matters now more than ever?

o Success stories with CRM

- Networking Breakfast – speaker for the breakfast – Jeanmarie has a contact

o Tatiana suggested to hold the event Tuesday

                                             a. Should we tie in with another group (Analytics Council) or do it alone?

                                                                           i.  Good idea to join with another group and open up the                                                                                          whole networking field

1. Propose the idea to the Analytics Council

· Everyone should try and get the best speakers possible for the event

· RFPs for DMA07 – Council Sponsored Sessions were due on February 12th. The council can send in 4 RFPS that they would like to see sponsored by the Council

· February Webinar – haven’t seen any information, no one from the OpCom is registered


III. Blog

· Really only one post in the last month

· Not much activity

· Look into adding the link elsewhere on the DMA page

· Maybe send out a reminder or relaunch email to the council and have all inquiries go to Diane so that she can provide them with a typepad invitation


IV. Membership

· 60 members

- look into why Bart and Josef are not on the membership report

o Update – Bart and Josef are on the membership report, it was just a matter of linking their accounts with the CRM council

· sent out 45 personal winback campaigns today


V. Action Items

·  Publicize the blog as much as possible


VI. Upcoming Meetings

      1st Wednesday of each month at
      1:00 PM EST
       · March 7, 2007



Who is responsible for CRM?

I am sure you all heard someone say I tried a CRM program and it failed.  Most of the time these companies were jumping on a buzzword bandwagon looking for a quick fix to a sales or business problem. They may have even purchased fancy technology but they were not bought into the essence of CRM.

What is necessary to implement a successful CRM program?  Is CRM a marketing, sales, customer service, technology, or executive role?  Does a company need to buy into CRM as a philosophy or can a program succeed as a marketing tactic?  Do you need an internal corporate sponsor to champion the cause? What does everyone think? 

Let's get the conversation started...



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