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Where are all the people?

It's coming up on a year since the Blog was launched and re-launched.  So where are all the members?

You requested that the DMA sponsor an online tool that would enable us members to speak to one another, to ask questions of each other and ultimately build our own wealth of CRM experience here, available to DMA members.

A few dedicated members, mainly your OPCOM members, post their ideas or questions. 

Let's dialogue candidly, is the current format too clunky?  are you having trouble still negotiating the passwords that enables you to post?  Have you tried adding comments directly?

Take a look at for an alternative.  Which is easier to use?



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John, I would love to see us either refine the blog or try a new format such as the forum. Informe does seem easier to use and likely it would be easier than Typepad to ramp up under the DMA umbrella. I'm hoping that we'll hear from a number of people who check this blog from time to time. The beauty of these kinds of tools is evident when a community forms and exhanges occur between members sharing common backgrounds and goals. That ideal certainly fits what we're trying to do with the CRM Council. Every member's viewpoint is welcome so don't hesitate to post or comment on what you think we should do with a blog, forum or message board tool.


I'm new to this blog. Apologize for asking this though, but to OP... Do you know if this can be true; ? it came off Thanks :)

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