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CRM Blog - One More Try

So after eight months of this blog sitting ideal I volunteered to try and revitalize what I think is a powerful communication tool.  This resource is intended to help the DMA's member (and anyone else who finds us) understand Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM).  We hope to share ideas, strategy, data/privacy issues, technology, best practices and other related topics.  We hope you will comment and let us know what you would like to learn more about.  The CRM advisory council is here to serve as a resource and knowledge base. I think you will be impressed by the depth of knowledge they can provide.

To get started please let us know how social media and sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc play in your CRM plans.

Josef Katz


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Social CRM is definitely gaining ground. Intelestream published a whitepaper that deals with Social CRM in the context of small businesses. It can be found at

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Social media plays vital role now a days. Most people prefer to get updates and social media and social network is best way to get global updates and social CRM is ofcourse not gone leave it.

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