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CRM Blog - One More Try

So after eight months of this blog sitting ideal I volunteered to try and revitalize what I think is a powerful communication tool.  This resource is intended to help the DMA's member (and anyone else who finds us) understand Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM).  We hope to share ideas, strategy, data/privacy issues, technology, best practices and other related topics.  We hope you will comment and let us know what you would like to learn more about.  The CRM advisory council is here to serve as a resource and knowledge base. I think you will be impressed by the depth of knowledge they can provide.

To get started please let us know how social media and sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc play in your CRM plans.

Josef Katz

Where are all the people?

It's coming up on a year since the Blog was launched and re-launched.  So where are all the members?

You requested that the DMA sponsor an online tool that would enable us members to speak to one another, to ask questions of each other and ultimately build our own wealth of CRM experience here, available to DMA members.

A few dedicated members, mainly your OPCOM members, post their ideas or questions. 

Let's dialogue candidly, is the current format too clunky?  are you having trouble still negotiating the passwords that enables you to post?  Have you tried adding comments directly?

Take a look at for an alternative.  Which is easier to use?


Don’t Leave Your Customers Stuck on the Runway

Jet Blue is still recovering from their fiasco a couple of weeks ago. Meanwhile, they have taken many steps in the right direction toward rebuilding their customer relationships. 

But questions still remain. Can any amount of ‘CRM’ convince those stranded travelers to get back on a Jet Blue flight again?  Did Jet Blue do enough to make amends, or could they have gone further?

Tough questions. But in my opinion, we can all learn a few lessons from Jet Blue:

  • Everyone in an organization needs to be bought into CRM as a central part of a company’s philosophy.
  • Employees need to be reminded that customer service is everyone’s job – and empowered to act. With the right training, a ground crew member or another Jet Blue employee could have helped out in that situation and left Jet Blue looking good in the eyes of its customers, not bad.
  • To rebuild damaged customer relationships, company leaders need to become highly visible quickly and say the right things. How many CEOs would apologize the way David Neeleman did? 
  • Learn from the experience. Unless company leaders pull a problem apart to find out exactly what went wrong, there is no possibility to develop contingency that can prevent it from happening again.

Josef Katz

Who is responsible for CRM?

I am sure you all heard someone say I tried a CRM program and it failed.  Most of the time these companies were jumping on a buzzword bandwagon looking for a quick fix to a sales or business problem. They may have even purchased fancy technology but they were not bought into the essence of CRM.

What is necessary to implement a successful CRM program?  Is CRM a marketing, sales, customer service, technology, or executive role?  Does a company need to buy into CRM as a philosophy or can a program succeed as a marketing tactic?  Do you need an internal corporate sponsor to champion the cause? What does everyone think? 

Let's get the conversation started...



Quick survey - please share the various media you are using to communicate with your customers.  I'm confident that we have print covered, but how about targeted cable, satellite, cell phone, blogs, etc...  In addition, does anybody use media outside of print for acquiring new customers?  Has anybody experimented with targeting to specific cable zones or perhaps out-of-house electronic billboards?

G-Mail Concerns

I have a definate concern about G-mail and it's approach to e-mail marketing.  Our clients spend good dollars to promote their brands and we develop some powerful creating messages and offers, only to find that Google takes our brand offers and puts competitive brands right next to them in a sidebar.  In other words, the competitive brand is getting instant exposure with our client's customers.  I'm crying foul.

This is somewhat like the Catalina Marketing couponing scheme in supermarkets - the old buy to deny strategy.  That seems to be fading and I never thought it was very successful because the customer already had the product in her shopping cart before the competitive coupon was issued.

G-mail delivers a potential competitive brand punch before the reader can move on.


Bart Foreman
Group 3 Marketing

Leveraging Data for Customer Management & Retention

On Thursday, October 12, 2006 at 1pm (Eastern), The DMA CRM Council will host a Virtual Seminar, Leveraging Data for Customer Management & Retention.  This session is co-sponsored by the DMA CRM and Financial Services Councils. 

This seminar will take you through a virtual case study of RBC Centura Bank, the U.S. subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada.  Go behind the philosophy and explore the sophisticated methodology RBC Centura Bank created to leverage its customer performance management system.  Learn how RBC addressed four core components of CRM - Penetration, Acquisition, Efficiency and Retention - and successfully applied their unique CRM approach with dramatic results across all measures.   

Add to the discussion here on the CRM Blog, then come back after the session to post your thoughts, comments and continue a discussion with your peers that will help you apply this methodology to your own customer populations. 

To register for the virtual seminar, or to learn more, please visit:

Looking forward to the discussion.

Rebecca Bailey

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that t

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Talk about easy sign up!

Alright JP.  Talk about easy set up for DMA CRM "Authors"  I like the process I just went thru.  Very initative.

Curious how long the design will take and how it will enhance further the easy of use of this CRM tool.  BTW well done.  You've done more in two days than has been promoted in the past two months!




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