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Well here it is - you're very own CRM Blog.  So what, you say?

This portal is intended for you and your DMA colleagues to share a common voice, to ask questions of the entire DMA CRM membership who, with our combined experiences should be able to provide you with some useful, creative and perhaps even entertaining answers that will enable you to do an exceptional job.

All you have to do is write a question, a comment or the next CRM strategy piece.  Have fun.

John Stevenson

The new cost of e-mails

AOL and Yahoo are sending up lots of trial balloons about charging commercial senders of e-mails a small fee to "guarantee" delivery to their subscribers.  I am in favor of this even though a lot of people and professionals believe the Internet is and should forever be free.  Yes, I want it free, too, but the spammers have make it so difficult to get people to open their e-mails that this seems to be a logical move.

What do others think of this proposed move?


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