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I just posted a comment on Lee Odden's "Online Marketing Blog" on this topic:

I asked him to help make the DMA's SEM Certification process a success. Since he is incredibly busy, I felt compelled to post here part of what I asked of him:

"While I still believe that the DMA’s certification process has the potential to be a good thing for the reputation of the SEM industry, there are still too many unanswered questions.

While the DMA’s press release says: “..and complete ongoing recertification.” which is needed, it does not say how often. Maybe you can get the DMA to publish more specifics, Lee? It also says: “..designed to train and certify the level of competency of in-house and agency marketers.” This can be interpreted in many ways, so I’m hoping, Lee, that you can also get the DMA to have a print and online, clear, conspicuous, complete, and comprehendable disclosure as to what the certification means, AND DOESN’T MEAN.

I’ve got to believe that the DMA will be giving out some sort of print or online “authority certificates” as proof of successful completion of the SEM certification. I know you believe, Lee, that “the word “certification” has more to do with DMA standard practices with their other training programs than it does to try and create an exclusionary designation.”, but some SEM’s may take liberties in exaggerating its meaning.

You also believe that: “The word “certification” is a lot more meaningful to the target audience for this program (in-house marketers and agencies) than many of the independent and small shop SEO/SEMs.”, but, again, competitive natures may cause some small shop SEO-SEM’s to use it as a competitive edge in closing sales for themselves."

I sincerly hope that this new DMA SEM certification process has as many good, long term effects, and as little bad effects, as possible, so that it helps the entire SEM industry and SEM clients. I believe the goal to be that the online search end-user gets more conspicuous relevant results first, the SEM buyers get great value on a long term basis, second, and third (but equally as important) the ethical and value driven SEM seller wins long term with less turnover of clients.

Seo Rock Blog

I've got to get this certification.

David Temple

With so many SEO SEM certificates available today it's great to see an association like the DMA get behind something like this. They certainly have first class instructors and getting Dr. Amanda Watlington to manage the planning and content strategy is a coup. Anxious to see what SEMPO comes out with in Chicago. Nevertheless I'm sure this will ba a top notch certificaton.

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